Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Metaphorical Roses of Success

It seems foolish to me to consider it utterly impossible to achieve success purely through marriage or charm, especially when there is an entire class of people devoted to this concept. Social climbers, as an example, achieve success and work their way to high society purely through their relationships with people better off than themselves. In fact, in the general sense, the question proves true more often than false. The capability exists in our society for anyone to marry or relate to almost anyone else, and someone who charms their way into a marriage with someone who is more successful than them will instantly be a living, on some level, a more successful life. The events of Pretty Woman are probably not necessarily directly likely. For example, in most cases, the gap in social status is unlikely to be so vast as a multimillionaire company owner and a prostitute with basically nothing, and a gap that wide would actually cause any number of greater problems with their relationship. Yet, it seems that real life might not need to necessarily mimic fairy tales exactly for someone to achieve happiness and/or success through marriage. There are many social tiers, and many people demonstrate how relatively easy it is to join a higher one simply by relating to the right person.