Sunday, March 10, 2013

7 Abused Coal Miners

The video "Sonne" by Rammsteinn is a slightly disturbing, very different take on the Snow White tale. In both this and the Snow White tale, the titular girl meets a group of dwarves, miners who welcome her into their home and help her out. However, whereas in the original story, Snow White enlisted the help of the dwarves through helping with menial chores and such, and was in refuge from an outside threat (the queen), in the music video, it appears that Snow White is a drug addict who enslaves the dwarves for the purposes of helping her feed her addiction. Subsequently, the dwarves somehow put her to sleep with an apple, though she is freed later, likely to their dismay. In fact, in the video, no queen or outside force seems present at all, and Snow White looks to in fact be the antagonist. She clearly abuses the dwarves in a myriad of ways throughout the video.

I personally prefer the original story over the video-- the tale that the video weaves is a bit too warped and sordid for my tastes. Though it is somewhat interesting to see a different version of the story in which Snow White is a villain, it is portrayed in a very sadistic way that I personally didn't enjoy. In the original story, the alliance of the dwarves and Snow White helps to deliver a moral about friendship and teamwork. In this video, however, that is sadly lacking, and I feel it detracts from the story.

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